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On-Camera Hand Puppet Performance with Bill Diamond


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On-Camera Hand Puppet Performance


5 Hour Rebroadcast - Learn on-camera hand puppet performance with master puppeteer Bill Diamond (SESAME STREET, THE DARK CRYSTAL, MONSTER TV NETWORK). From on set logistics to working with monitors and playing to multiple cameras, Diamond will share the key ingredients for delivering a memorable on-screen puppet performance for your webseries, TV shows or feature films.



  • Overview of puppet design, fabrication & mechanics
  • What materials to use and why
  • What to bring to set with you on the shooting day
  • How to use monitors and play to multiple cameras
  • Performing with multiple puppets & actors





Course Curriculum



Puppet Design Overview and Pre-Production

  • Overview of character design
  • What gives the character their look and personality
  • What materials to use and why
  • Colors that work for the camera and environment
  • Tools to use

Production and Performance Techniques

  • How lighting affects the character on camera
  • Knowing your surroundings, working within the set design
  • Operating the character for television
  • Keeping the puppeteer out of camera range
  • Using monitors with the camera
  • Controlling character eye direction
  • Two puppeteers operating a character
  • Hand operation
  • Handling props
  • Synchronization of puppeteers
  • Characters interacting with actors and other puppets
  • Maintaining character: voice, personality, movement
  • Helping actors work with puppets


WORKSHOP Student Homework:

The listed homework is due APRIL 7th. Post work in progress along with completed pictures and videos on the Stan Winston School Forum.

  • Create a Puppet Design that covers materials, movement, and personality
And film 2 of the 3 assignments:
  • Puppet Performing solo to camera
  • Puppet interacting with another Puppet
  • Puppet interacting with an Actor
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Bill Diamond