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Animatronic Control Systems -- Arduino Programming Basics with David Covarrubias


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Animatronic Control Systems - Arduino Programming Basics - Part 1

Animatronic Control Systems - Arduino Programming Basics - Part 2

Animatronic Control Systems - Arduino Programming Basics - Part 3


12+ Hours of Arduino Crash Course with Legacy Effects' Mechanical Designer/Arduino King!

In this 12+ hours of comprehensive instruction, learn to animate mechanical characters & props using Arduino technology with master FX Mechanic, David Covarrubias (Pacific Rim, Iron Man, The Lost World: Jurassic Park). From programming servos to creating sounds & lighting effects, Covarrubias will get you started on your animatronic adventures via Arduino's open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a working professional interested in adding to your electronic and animatronic skill set, this Webcourse is for you!



  • Intro to Arduino software & hardware
  • Using Robotic & RC Servos
  • Programming LED Lights
  • Modifying & Writing Code
  • Basic Electronics







Course Curriculum

  • Learning Arduino Language, and Software
  • Planning Movement and Function
  • Figuring out what Hardware will be Needed
  • Writing and Modifying Code for Individual Function

WORKSHOP STUDENT HOMEWORK:  Plan out and Diagram your project. Figure out the lights, servos, and materials necessary to make your project. And what movement/lights you want to program. Post on Forum. DUE APRIL 17th

  • Creating a Master Program to Control all Functions
  • Breaking Down the Prop
  • Planning Placement of Internal Servos and Lights
  • Adding Motors
  • Basic Electronics
  • Soldering and Wiring

WORKSHOP STUDENT HOMEWORK: Write codes for at least two functions, and then create a master program to control both functions. Post video on Forum. DUE APRIL 24th

  • Testing
  • Re-Programming 
WORKSHOP STUDENT HOMEWORK: Incorporate the servos/lights/movement into a prop of your own project. Post video/pictures on the Forum.  DUE May 2nd.
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David Covarrubias