Tattoo Makeup A-Z - Cover, Create & Apply


Learn tattoo makeup techniques from A-to-Z with Academy Award-winning tattoo effects innovator, Christien Tinsley (American Horror Story, I Am Legend, No Country for Old Men). Tinsley shares everything you ever wanted to know about body illustration for film, television, and theater, from covering real tattoos and creating a custom fake tattoo, all the way to final application and removal.

Approximate Runtime - 04:52:59

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Tattoo Cover Up - Matching Flesh Tones, Blending & Freckling
  • Quick & Dirty Tattoo Cover Up Techniques
  • Researching & Designing a Fake Tattoo
  • Custom Tattoos - Thermal Printing & Tracing Paper
  • 3D Tattoo Transfers - The Ball Theory
  • Tattoo Application & Removal
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Christien Tinsley