How to Sculpt with WED Clay

How to sculpt characters in Wed Clay | design-as-you-go speed sculpture technique


In this WED clay how to, you'll learn how to sculpt characters rapidly in WED clay without sacrificing artistic quality from master special effects character creation artist, Timothy Martin.

For the aspiring Creature FX artist, talent isn't enough. You need speed.


  • Working rapidly with Wed clay
  • Design-as-you-go sculpture how to
  • Tools & tricks for how to sculpt characters in a time crunch
  • Efficient art: knowing what you need...and what you don't


Approximate Runtime is: 01:27:02

View by Chapters

  1. Title & Introduction - 00:00:00
  2. Creating the Armature - 00:00:34
  3. Roughing in the Wed Clay - 00:01:42
  4. Basic Shapes Hand Sculpting - 00:08:42
  5. Large Loop Tools Adding Basic Detail - 00:18:01
  6. Fine Loop Tools Adding Facial Details - Muzzle & Eyes - 00:26:32
  7. Staying Open to Change - 00:35:38
  8. Adding Detail - 00:47:27
  9. The Finer Details - 00:54:15
  10. Moist Sponge Smoothing the Broader Areas - 00:59:39
  11. Polish & Detailing with Fine Lines - 01:05:45
  12. Dry Sponge Weathering & Aging - 01:21:42


CLICK on the links below to find the materials you need for this lesson. 


Some items might be harder to find, but a little internet scouring usually finds you everything you'll need.


Burman Industries

Naimie's Beauty Center

Reynolds Advanced Materials

Smooth-On Inc.



  • Adjustable Sculpting Stand
  • Lazy Susan
  • Sculpture Base (Rigid Foam Core)



  • Wed Clay



  • Larger Brushes
  • Small Flat Brush
  • Small Pointed Paintbrush



  • Black Plastic Sponge
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Mattress Foam Sponge



  • Cutting Tools
    • Wire Clay Cutter
  • Power Tools
    • Cordless Drill
  • Sculpting Tools
    • Flat Kidney Tool
    • Medium Sized Serrated Loop Tool
    • Sculpting Loop Tools – various sizes – large, medium and small
    • Serrated Kidney Tools
  • Other Tools
    • Hairdryer



  • Armature Wire
  • Baby Powder
  • Water



When working with toxic and/or dangerous materials or tools:

ALWAYS read labels for appropriate use guidelines
ALWAYS wear a high-grade respirator
ALWAYS work in a well-ventilated area
ALWAYS protect your skin
ALWAYS wear eye protection

Artist Information


Timothy Martin

Special Effects Character Creator & Master Monster Maker, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc..

Special Effects Character Creator and Master Monster Maker, Timothy Martin, started his career as so many in the FX...

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