Painting Silicone Skin - Realistic Flesh Tones - Spanish Subtitles


In this character creation tutorial on how to paint silicone skin to look like realistic flesh, you'll learn how to airbrush and paint a mask, character or silicone creature fx prop using the same special effects painting techniques as the Masters.

Stan Winston Studio & Legacy Effects key artist Jamie S. Grove walks you through the entire Silicone Painting process for painting characters, creatures and monsters.


  • Prepping the Silicone Slurry for Airbrushing - How to Mix & Tint
  • Silicone Mask Painting 101 - Mixing and Tinting the Silicone Slurry
  • Airbrushing - How to Handle and Care for Your Painting Tools
  • How to Airbrush Realistic Flesh Tones
  • Finish Painting - The Devil's in the Final Detail


Approximate Runtime is: 02:39:28

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Jamie S. Grove