Monster Drawing Techniques

How to draw a werewolf sketch using comparative anatomy & fine art rendering technique


Respected special effects sculptor & creature designer, Jessie Fohrman, shares a wealth of monster drawing techniques in this comprehensive training video on how to draw a werewolf.

Covering everything from comparative anatomy to pencil rendering technique to creating monsters that horrify, Jessie brings her vivid imagination, fine arts background & medical illustration training to every moment of this lesson, making it a must-watch for any aspiring monster maker.


  • Comparative cranial anatomy
  • Drawing upon patterns in nature
  • Pencil variety - What to use and when
  • Kicking up the horror factor


Approximate Runtime is: 01:51:33

View by Chapters

  1. Title & Introduction - 00:00:00
  2. Comparative Cranial Anatomy - 00:00:40
  3. Postcranial Anatomy - 00:06:37
  4. Tools and Materials - 00:09:28
  5. Starting a Rough Sketch - 00:13:33
  6. Roughing Out Forms in the Head - 00:18:47
  7. Adding More Forms to the Body - 00:20:59
  8. Refining Forms - 00:23:16
  9. Committing to Forms - 00:30:54
  10. Shading - 00:47:49
  11. Defining Dark Areas - 00:57:27
  12. Patterns in Nature - 01:11:13
  13. Choice of Medium - 01:19:54
  14. Adding Highlights & Refining Lines - 01:32:58
  15. The Darkest Pencil - 01:35:12
  16. Fine Detail - 01:40:24
  17. Dark, Gross Hair & Scary Claws - 01:45:32
  18. Wrap Up - 01:50:49


CLICK on the links below to find the materials you need for this lesson. 


Some items might be harder to find, but a little internet scouring usually finds you everything you'll need.


Burman Industries



  • 2H Pencil
  • 4B Pencil
  • 4H Pencil
  • HB or 2B Mechanical Pencil
  • Pencil Sharpener - Automatic
  • Prismacolor White Pencil
  • Strathmore Artagain Drawing Paper
  • Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick



When working with toxic and/or dangerous materials or tools:

ALWAYS read labels for appropriate use guidelines
ALWAYS wear a high-grade respirator
ALWAYS work in a well-ventilated area
ALWAYS protect your skin
ALWAYS wear eye protection

Reference Materials

Artist Information


Jessie Fohrman

Innovative Special Effects Sculptor and Designer Jessie Fohrman brings her fine arts & medical illustration training to monster making.

Born in Chicago, IL, Jessie Fohrman never questioned her calling to art. From a young age, drawing and...

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