Mastering Marionettes - Part 2 - Finish, Assembly & Performance


Learn to do the finish work, assembly and performance of marionettes with world-renowned marionette artist and puppet builder Scott Land (Team America, The Princess Diaries 2). 

If you've ever wanted to create and operate your own Pinocchio (or stringed monster puppet), you'll learn everything you need to know in this master class on the fine art of marionette making. In Part Two of his 2-Part Webcourse series, Land teaches you the mechanical workings of the eyes and jaw, how to make joints for all body linkages, how to string your puppet, and how to build a controller, including expert tips on character performance, and more!

Approximate Runtime - 04:30:16

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Tips for surface finishing 
  • Mechanizing the facial features (eyes & jaw)
  • Attaching legs, torso, head, hips and arms
  • Creating an ergonomic controller
  • Stringing your Marionette
  • Performance Techniques


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Scott Land