Mastering Effects Disasters - Explode A Head


Our Facebook fans wanted to see how to do an exploding head. We went to special makeup effects veteran, genius problem solver and 2-Time Emmy winner Andy Schoneberg (The Walking Dead, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park) and asked him what he would do. 

Lacking the time and resources for what a proper exploding head effect would require (pyrotechnics, lifecasting, and molds of the actor at the very least) we assumed it couldn't be done. But Andy told us that if we could find a head, any head, he could probably make it work.

With absolutely no prep and only a frightful silicone head over a resin underskull available for the effect..the resulting lesson ended up as a perfect--if dramatized--example of a situation every veteran effects artists has experienced sometime in their career: The Effects Disaster.

Approximate Runtime: 02:40:39


  • Assembling (and improvising) Materials
  • Segmenting Silicone Skin & Supergluing Eyes
  • Hinging the Resin Underskull
  • Rigging the Blood Tube
  • Adjusting Base Skin Tone and Adding Hair
  • Setting Up and Shooting the Scene


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Andy Schoneberg