Make a Monster Suit - Part Two: Mold Making, Foam Latex & Paint


While Oscar nominated special effects character creator Alec Gillis (Aliens, AvP, Tremors) is definitely the captain of the ship, the process of making a complete monster suit takes an entire crew.  See how the cooperating efforts of the Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. special character effects team come together to create a unique creature that, by the end of the lesson, is worn and brought to life by one of Hollywood's top monster suit performers, Oscar winner Tom Woodruff, Jr.

Approximate Runtime is 04:04:03    

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Working and molding with fiberglass
  • Creating the head core and creature skull
  • Building the body mold
  • Testing the skin thickness
  • Fitting and testing the movement of the final suit
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Alec Gillis