How to Sculpt a Portrait


Whether it’s a photograph, drawing, or painting, a portrait usually exists in two dimensions.  Some artists want to push beyond these boundaries.  For those looking to venture into that third dimension, the art of portrait sculpture is waiting for you.

Follow renowned artist and sculptor, Davis Fandino, as he guides you through the art of portrait sculpture, using the patron himself, Stan Winston, as his subject.  From starting with creating a basic armature to processing the final mold, every single step of the entire process is laid out in full detail.

Approximate Runtime - 04:28:48

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Building and using the correct armature
  • Roughing in the primary forms
  • Using tools to progress into secondary forms
  • Using both heat guns and cooling spray
  • Creating and using a block mold
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Davis Fandino