How to Sculpt a Creature: Maquette Sculpting Techniques - Part 2


In part two of this 2-part course on figure & maquette sculpting, master sculptor Casey Love (Predators, The Thing, Resident Evil: Extinction) teaches you how to build upon the rough forms established in the first lesson, sculpt anatomy, and then hone in on the details.

If you've never sculpted a full-figure creature maquette but want to learn, or if you're a veteran looking to add new techniques to your sculpting arsenal, this course by one of Hollywood's finest character sculptors is for you.

Approximate Run Time: 06:07:00

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Using Reference
  • Sculpting Anatomy
  • Refining Hands, Wrists & Arms
  • Detailing the Head & Neck
  • Adding Scales & Veins
  • How to Sculpt Fangs & Teeth
  • Cleaning Your Sculpture


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Casey Love