How To Make A Sci-Fi Helmet Part 2 - Design Breakdown, Pattern Making, Vacuum Forming


In PART 2 of his 3-part "How to Make a Sci-Fi Helmet" webcourse series, master artist & model maker, Fon Davis (STAR WARS 1-6, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, INTERSTELLAR) guides you through the process of breaking down your design, pattern making & vacuum forming to create custom parts for your character costumes & cosplay projects.

Approximate Runtime - 07:34:02

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Patterning the Helmet
  • Carving the Sides of the Helmet
  • Measuring the Visor
  • Using the Vacuum-Form Machine
  • Trimming Down the Vacuum-Formed Parts
  • Adding the Final Detail and Assembling the Pieces
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Fon Davis