How to Make a Mask - Part Four: Detail Sculpting & Adding Magnets


The epoxy mask making journey continues with master Creature FX fabricator Bruce D. Mitchell (Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Predators). In part 4 of his 5-part "How to Make a Mask" course series, Mitchell moves into detail mode with an in-depth class on sculpting with rotary tools, followed by a thorough tutorial on how to add magnetic connection points to your mask's removable elements, including goggles and mouthpiece. Follow along, and you'll be several steps closer to creating your own wearable, dynamic art!

Approximate Runtime - 03:30:39

The DVD is a 2 Disc Set


  • Prepping your Mask for Magnets - Alignment & Drilling
  • Removing the Epoxy Forms & Cleaning out the Clay
  • Rotary Tool Sculpting - Goggles & Mouthpiece
  • Adding Magnets to the Removable Mask Accessories


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Bruce D. Mitchell