How to Make a Mask - Part Five: Leatherwork, Painting, and Finishing


The epoxy mask making finale is here! In this last installment of his 5-part "How to Make a Mask" course series, master Creature FX fabricator Bruce D. Mitchell (Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Predators) teaches a broad array of professional finishing techniques. From leatherwork and painting to making final adjustments to your magnetic attachment points, Mitchell's step-by-step instruction will help you complete your masks in style!

Approximate Runtime - 03:04:15

This DVD is a 2 Disc Set


  • Attaching the Accessories
  • Leatherwork & Mask Decoration
  • Painting the Detachable Elements
  • How to Reposition Magnets
  • Applying "War Paint" to the Mask 
  • Finishing Touches & Final Detail


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Bruce D. Mitchell