How to Make a Latex Rubber Mask Part 2 - Mold Making & Casting


In PART 2 of his 3-part "How to Make a Mask" webcourse series, master character creator Tim Martin (The Thing, Jurassic Park 3, AVP) teaches you how to mold & cast your mask sculptures using professional molding techniques & affordable materials, including hydrocal plaster (gypsum cement), water clay, burlap & a few simple shaping tools.

From sealing your sculpture & building a clay wall, to patching your molds for the latex "dwelling" process, Martin's expert mold making guidance will help you on your journey towards creating your own custom Halloween masks, scary masks or other fantasy character transformations.

Approximate Runtime - 03:46:01


  • Protecting Your Sculpture Before Mold Making
  • Mold Clay Walls - The Right Way
  • Molding with Hydrocal Plaster aka Gypsum Cement
  • Surface Coats & Reinforcing Molds
  • Creating Pry Points
  • Mold Patching & Prep
  • The Latex "Dwelling" Process
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Timothy Martin