How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 5 - Kaiju Costume Finishing & On-Set Rehearsal


In part 5 of this colossal Kaiju suit course, expert FX fabricators Bill Bryan & Ted Haines guide their student teams through the final steps in the monster-making process. Covering a broad range of finishing techniques, Bryan & Haines share their approaches to bringing it all together, including how to "skin" your creature costumes, creating custom air bladders, adjusting internal mechanisms, monster suit painting tips, and finally, on-set blocking.

Approximate Runtime - 5:18:04

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Adjusting Mechanisms & Supports
  • Creating Kaiju Skin 
  • Fabricating Latex Air Bladders
  • Making Monster Eyes
  • How to Paint a Monster Suit
  • Constructing "View Ports"
  • On-Set Blocking Test


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Ted Haines