How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 4 - Completing Mechanisms & Assembling Components


The Kaiju are back! In part 4 of this whopping webcourse series, master creature effects fabricators Bill Bryan, Ted Haines & their student teams approach the finish line as they complete and assemble their monster suit components. Follow along to pick up a vast variety of valuable techniques for attaching monster arms and heads, mechanizing jaws & mandibles, and even how to make "nurnies" and use razor blades to create organic texture.

Approximate Runtime - 4:58:17

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Finishing Jaw & Mandible Mechanisms 
  • Attaching the Monster Head to the Frame
  • Adding Arm Supports
  • Installing Foot Pads
  • Razor Blade Texturizing Tips
  • Making Nurnies
  • Kaiju Test Fitting


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Bill Bryan