How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 2 - Detailing, Texturing & Mechanisms


The "Kaiju" saga continues! Learn how to build foam creature costumes with two of Hollywood's masters of monster fabrication, Bill Bryan (Ghostbusters, Army of Darkness, Men in Black) & Ted Haines (Blade 2, The Muppets, Cowboys & Aliens).

In part 2 of this epic 5-part webcourse series, Bryan, Haines & their student teams continue the monster-making process, including muscle patterning, carving details, skin texturizing, and mechanism prototyping.

Approximate Runtime - 4:44:49

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Techniques for Texturing Skin
  • Building Claw, Hand & Tail Mechanisms
  • Creating Eye, Claw, & Muscle Patterns
  • Carving & Fitting Upper Arms
  • Swapping Out Zippers for Durability
  • Adding Detail to Horns & Tails


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Bill Bryan