How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 1 - Design, Pattern, & Prototype


Learn how to make foam fabricated monster suits & creature costumes with Hollywood's most sought-after FX fabricators, Bill Bryan (Ghostbusters, Army of Darkness, Men in Black) & Ted Haines (Blade 2, The Muppets, Cowboys & Aliens).

In part 1 of this gargantuan 5-part webcourse series, Bryan, Haines & their student teams begin the process of bringing two Kaiju monster suits to life, including design review, head patterning and carving, tips on creating teeth, nails and horns, and suit prototyping techniques!

Approximate Runtime - 5:31:14


  • Monster Design Review
  • Patterning & Blocking Out Primary Forms
  • Fabricating Horns, Mandibles, Nails, Spikes, & Teeth
  • Carving Muscle Forms
  • Assembling a Torso Wireframe
  • Foam Texturing Techniques
  • Basic Mechanical Tail Design


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Ted Haines