Garage Monsters - Shop Basics - Mini-Tutorial STREAM & Compilation DVD


The Tutorial offering on this page is the complete STREAM and a NEW COMPILATION DVD of the entire collection of the Shannon Shea Mini Tutorial series - GARAGE MONSTERS - SHOP BASICS!  (To watch or purchase the individual streams, please go to the links below.)

You’ve decided to suit up your Garage Shop, but you don’t know where to begin. You need an expert guide to take you through the basics!  Whether you’re a beginner wondering where to start or a professional that needs a foreman’s guidance, it’s always a good idea to bend the ear of someone who's been through it all, made all the mistakes, and tested EVERYTHING on the market. In this latest edition of his Garage Monsters series, Shannon Shea is your personal advisor - leading an all-in-one tutorial on how to create and manage your own personal workspace.

Approximate Runtime - 02:27:46


  • Tips for setting up your own studio
  • How to keep a clean work station
  • How to light your project
  • A complete guide to various types of clay
  • Choosing, using, and cleaning airbrushes


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Shannon Shea