FX Corset Harness Fabrication


In this lesson, master Creature FX fabricator Amy Whetsel creates an FX corset harness from start to finish.

She walks you through the many uses for this essential FX tool: from attaching monster & creature appendages to actors, affixing props to the body (arrows to the chest, spears, whatever you can imagine), to the attachment of wings & tails.

She introduces us to the special effects fabrication materials & techniques used to build an expert quality FX Corset Harness, and then takes us, step-by-step, through the harness' construction.

Approximate Runtime - 01:55:29


  • The advantages of coutil & rigilene boning
  • Proper technique for patterning, cutting, sewing & finishing
  • Use of grommets, laces, zippers
  • Uses for the FX corset harness in the world of creature effects fabrication
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Amy Whetsel