Building Miniatures: Small-Scale Model Making - Part 2


Learn to make and demolish miniature scale models with Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor, Ian Hunter (The Dark Knight, Inception, Blade Runner). In PART TWO of his comprehensive small-scale model making webcourse series, Hunter shows you how to design, construct, detail and destroy breakaway buildings and miniatures with a variety of pyrotechnic special effects.

Featuring exciting (and explosive) demonstrations with Hollywood pyrotechnics legend Richie Helmer (Jaws, Apocalypse Now, Spider-Man 2), including how to use air cannons, barrel blasts, and pyrotechnic mortars to create the illusion of epic destruction on a miniature scale.

Approximate Runtime - 4:56:06


  • Designing Breakaway Miniature Buildings
  • Constructing a Building Core
  • Laser-Cutting Parts & Stencils
  • Creating Windows & Roofing
  • Hydrocal "Breakaway Wall" Mixtures
  • Pyrotechnics: Air Cannons, Barrel Blasts & Mortars
  • Building a Breakaway Miniature Tank
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Ian Hunter