How to Make Animatronic Characters - Organic Mechanics Part 2


In PART TWO of this incredible journey through the world of animatronics, the master of The Character Shop, Rick Lazzarini, not only builds upon the lessons he introduced in Part One, but also shares a host of additional mechanical techniques, as he continues with the construction of his lifelike puma.

Here, Rick creates expressiveness in his animatronic creature by focusing on the movement of the jaw and the snarl of the lips. By the end, the range of emotion on display by the sum of these parts is truly amazing.

Approximate Runtime - 04:18:55

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Prepping & setting teeth into the vacuform skull
  • Overview of cables, liners & housings
  • Mounting & moving the jaw
  • Snarl of both the upper & lower lips
  • Programming & troubleshooting ranges of motion
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Rick Lazzarini