How to Make Animatronic Characters - Organic Mechanics Part 1


In PART ONE of this animatronics odyssey, master Creature FX mechanic Rick Lazzarini (ALIENS, SNAKES ON A PLANE, DR. DOLITTLE 2) gets you started on your journey of creating an organic animatronic creature puppet. From lifeless vacuform shell to moving, expressive character puppet, Lazzarini shares tons of budget-friendly tips and techniques that will help you animate your mechanical characters.

Approximate Runtime - 03:39:04


  • How to use taxidermy sources for materials & reference
  • Overview of push-pull cable mechanics
  • Creation of the vacuform underskull
  • Discussion of different types of cables & how they’re used
  • An overview of servos & transmitters
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Rick Lazzarini