Animation for Animatronics Part 1: Intro to Pololu, Maya & AnimServo Software


In part 1 of this innovative course on animating for animatronics, VFX artist and master creature effects mechanic, Craig Caton-Largent, teaches controller board and software basics, including how to animate in Autodesk Maya, how to work with a Pololu controller board, and finally introduces students to his new software, AnimServo. Blending digital & practical effects methodologies, Caton-Largent shares his cutting-edge approach to bringing mechanical characters to life!

Approximate Runtime - 02:00:20


  • Pololu Board & Software Overview
  • Maya Animation Basics
  • Introduction to AnimServo Software
  • Connecting AnimServo to Maya
  • Creating Virtual Servos


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Craig Caton-Largent