Advanced Creature Teeth: Prosthetic Dental Appliances - Part 2


Continue learning the process for creating wearable prosthetic teeth with FX master John Cherevka (Avatar, Pacific Rim, Jurassic World). In Part Two of his 2-part webcourse series, Cherevka teaches you how to cast, trim, paint, and finally fit your performer (or yourself) with your new set of custom creature dentures.

Transforming teeth is one of the most accessible, effective and fun techniques for creating a fantasy character, so whether you're a monster fan who wants to make your first set of vampire teeth for Halloween, or a working makeup effects professional looking to perfect your prosthetic dental appliances, this On-Demand Webcourse series is for you.

Approximate Runtime - 02:48:42


  • Vacuum Forming the Teeth Positives
  • Dental Acrylic - Color & Mixing Tips
  • Casting the Teeth & Gums
  • Trimming & Wicking
  • Painting Character Dentures
  • Fitting your Performer
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John Cherevka