Teresa Loera - Live Webcourse Coordinator

Teresa Loera grew up in the desolate wasteland of suburban Illinois where at an early age she developed a sick obsession with blood and gore. After abandoning her dreams of becoming a mad scientist, at the age of 17 she decided to pursue the voyeuristic pleasures of the cinema. 

She went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts. After obtaining a BFA in Film/TV, she left that crowded landscape and moved to a sprawling city with too much sunshine, Los Angeles. 

After internships that led nowhere and PA gigs on some questionable reality TV shows, Teresa found herself at the Stan Winston School. She has immensely enjoyed meeting artists, students and expanding her SFX knowledge. She has not forgotten her ultimate goal, and looks to her future in bringing terror into the hearts of young and old alike through the glorious genre of the low budget horror film. If that doesn’t work out there’s always her back up plan: doing the same thing, but in Canada.