Jon Robertson - Group Sales & Marketing Consultant

Jon married into a family of artists, comic book collectors, and movie buffs back in 2002. After more than ten years of dinner conversations ranging from superhero origin stories, spirited debates over which Batman director was best, and the 103 things about Galaxy Quest that most people missed, he now has a PhD equivalent in film appreciation – all of which makes him uniquely unqualified for his role at the Stan Winston School.

During a brief moment of perfect planet alignment in 2014, Jon was introduced to the Stan Winston School team through a mutual friend and was immediately adopted as part of the family. Despite his lack of actual filmmaking experience, Jon has found a way to provide value in the areas he does know about, including sales, marketing, product development, and business strategy.

Jon currently splits his time between his home in Ventura and major airports across the country. He loves great food and wine, and then trying to burn off those calories on his road bike.