Dimitar Dimitrov - Social Media

From an early age, Dimitar grew up on a strict diet of horror books, monster movies and rock music. At the age of 10, he began his fantastic journey into the magic world of special effects and movie making due to his fascination with cinematic illusions and how they were made.

Inspired mainly by the work of character creator Stan Winston in many of his favorite films, including THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, PREDATOR, TERMINATOR 2 JUDGMENT DAY, as well as the work of such iconic makeup artists and monster makers as Dick Smith, Rob Bottin, Rick Baker, Steve Johnson, Tom Savini, KNB EFX Group and Bob Keen, Dimitar is a passionative admirer of the art of makeup and people behind it. His passion for practical special effects makeup was also fueled by the teleseries MOVIE MAGIC, Fangoria Magazine and any book that he could get his teeth on. Some of his friends from the industry call him "The Walking Encyclopedia of Special Effects and Filmmaking" because of his rich knowledge about all the artists and technicians and their work.

Since the summer of 2014, Dimitar has been a part of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts family as Online Editor and Facebook Administrator, telling the story of the craft to the next generation of upcoming makeup artists and creature creators.

Dimitar lives in Chirpan, Bulgaria, with his two dogs, Butch and Jimba. His fave author is Stephen King, his fave director is James Cameron, his fave band is Biohazard. He loves red wine, cats and dogs and the beauty of nature.