David Sanger - Lead Content Producer

David, the son of Oscar-winning producer Jonathan Sanger, grew up in Los Angeles where he attended high school with Stan Winston’s son Matt. David and Matt have been lifelong friends and the stories of their juvenile hijinks are the stuff of legend.

David is currently Head of Production at New Deal Studios where he has produced practical visual effects for countless commercials, special projects and sequences on more than 80 different feature films including such Oscar-winning titles as, THE DEPARTED, HUGO, INCEPTION, LIFE OF PI, and most recently, INTERSTELLAR. He has been with the Stan Winston School since its founding and is proud to have known and been inspired by Stan personally for many years.

David likes strong coffee, interesting socks, and giraffes. David lives in Studio City with his wife, two sons, a dog, a gecko and at least one, but sometimes several, fish.