Balázs Földesi - Social Media

Balázs grew up on Stan Winston’s monsters and he is one of the biggest fans of Stan Winston School from the beginning. Originally Balázs worked as an IT specialist in Hungary and as a fan, he helped the school on Facebook where he could. He soon became friends with Matt Winston and then the whole team. In 2012, Balázs began working for Stan Winston School and is now one of its lead social media administrators. He is also a Stan Winston School website administrator and enjoys putting together blogs for the community. Almost all of his ideas have been completed due to the flexibility of the team. He feels very lucky as the Stan Winston School is not just a job for him; it is his hobby and his second family.

Balázs lives in Budapest, Hungary with his girlfriend, Adrienn. Beside all kind of special effects and fan arts, Balázs likes vacuuming, taking pictures everywhere he goes but mainly at sunset, street art, drinking coffee early morning in nature, dogs in any quantity and mixing electronic music.