Important Warnings and Risks

Important Warnings and Risks

There are inherent risks in attempting to recreate, demonstrate or apply what you are viewing.  you expressly assume all of the risk in any such recreation, demonstration, or application.  we expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for personal injury and damage to any property. IF YOU DO NOT EXPRESSLY ASSUME SUCH RISK OR IF YOU DO NOT EXPRESSLY AGREE WITH ANYTHING SET FORTH HEREIN, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE, DEMONSTRATE OR APPLY WHAT YOU ARE VIEWING!

Failure to strictly follow these warnings could result in serious injury or damage to property.  we disclaim all responsibility and liability for any such injury or damage.

Without limiting any of the above, you must take reasonable safety precautions for use of chemicals, including but not limited to working in a well ventilated area, using respirators, having and using proper protection for your eyes, ears, hands, and other parts of your body. 

Children must not attempt these recreations, demonstrations or applications, unless supervised by an adult.

If you have any doubt that you can skillfully and safely perform, do not attempt to perform any recreations, demonstrations or applications.

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