Q: What comes with my subscription?
A: Lots. The Stan Winston School is thoroughly dedicated to improving and preserving the fine art of character creation.  Stan shared everything he knew with a great number of master artists.  And many of those artists make up our incredible faculty.  Stan believed that talent was in the individual artist but technique and knowledge should be shared to advance the industry as a whole.  This school is the embodiment of that vision.

First and foremost, our subscribing students get unlimited access to all the content on our site.  As of today, that's more than 150 hours of detailed, expert instruction and lectures by these fantastic artists, all in HD. And we'll be adding anywhere from 4-20 hours of material every month!

We intend to build our curriculum with multiple master classes every month from some of the most inspiring heavy-hitters in the field.  And as the modalities in the industry shift, so will our focus. From 2D design, to mechanics, to 3D output and everything in between.

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to create a skin-less, sentient, evil Super-Cat.  Compelling character creation involves a combination of skills and disciplines coming together to make magic.  To that end, our faculty will adeptly host subjects covering a vast array of skill-sets.  We’ll show you the techniques the masters use with unlimited access to the finest (and often rather expensive) resources available and we’ll also show you the way to make that monster from more common stuff.  (And you’ll be surprised to learn how often the masters use that stuff too!)

You'll also have privileged access to Stan's archival library of behind the scenes footage and photography that spans a lifetime at the forefront of the monster-making business.

As a student, you'll receive awesome discounts on our entire catalog of DVDs and you'll get a first look at some amazing, in-person, once-in-your-lifetime opportunities: a series of hands-on, intensive, in-shop seminars with the guys who run the industry's top monster labs.

And that's just the beginning.  As enrollment increases, we fully expect to expand our offerings, guided by what we hear from you.

Q: Is a stream the same thing as a DVD?
A: Same content, different medium. But, yes, it's the exact same lesson, verbatim. The only difference is, in the stream you have the option to watch in HD as well as standard def. (That goes for our subscription streams as well!)

Q: Where is the Stan Winston School located?
A: We are located in cyberspace, accessible to Creature FX students and fans worldwide at www.stanwinstonschool.com.

Q: What type of education is required to enroll?
A: The Stan Winston School of Character Arts is open to anyone with a curious mind. No previous experience or education is required.

Q: What is the application process?
A: Just sign up, subscribe and you’re in!  Or test the waters by streaming or purchasing a specific lesson on DVD.

Q: Is there a degree program?
A: The Stan Winston School does not currently offer a degree program.  We are a resource for individuals who want to learn the ins-and-outs of all aspects of Character Arts and we offer unprecedented access to industry professionals who show you in-detail how they do what they do.

Q: Do you offer financial aid?
A: We do not currently offer financial aid.

Q: How do you handle purchases by international students?
A: SWSCA lists ALL prices in US Dollars. Should you make a credit purchase, your credit card company will automatically convert the amount based on current exchange rates.

Q: What’s your Return Policy?
A: The Stan Winston School of Character Arts will accept unopened or damaged/defective product within 60 days of sale. Please see our “Returns” section for more information.

Q: Is my Personal and Credit Card information safe?
A: Your information is safe with us. All personal data, including Credit Card information is encrypted and stored on our secure server.

Q: Is my information kept private?
A: We do not make any collected information available to unrelated third parties whether for sale, rent, or for free, without your consent. Please see our "Privacy" section for more information.

Q: Can I make purchases by phone?
We do not accept payments by phone. All transactions must be made ONLINE, via our secure e-commerce shopping cart.

Q: What is the best way to contact SWSCA to resolve a problem?
To resolve a problem, you can reach us via e-mail: info@stanwinstonschool.com

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