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Facebook TOP TEN!

Facebook TOP TEN!

What makes a Zombie Iron Man?

Congratulations to this week's Facebook TOP TEN winner, featuring Zombie Iron Man!

Winning with over 12k likes, 2.5k shares and 200 comments.

Enjoy the rest of the TOP 10 below,

Matt Winston


Zombie Iron Man

Model: Kyosti Kallio
Photography: SuperHero Photography by Adam Jay

12,134 Likes, 2,580 Shares, 196 Comments


What would happen if you cross Yoda with Chewbacca?

Artist unknown. Please help us identify him/her.

11,471 Likes, 5,193 Shares, 269 Comments


Which is your favorite Iron Man suit?

Shared by Julien Roméo

11,243 Likes, 3,396 Shares, 2,687 Comments


Do I LOOK like I got a tissue??

QUICK. What's this guys name?

Art by Tiago Hoisel:

Shared by Ellwood Unzelman II
11,040 Likes, 3,315 Shares, 318 Comments


These are not Santa's Elves!

Art by Kerem Beyit, made in Photoshop CS2

10,259 Likes, 2,259 Shares, 183 Comments


"Handmade and painted with no more tools than fingers and a paint brush."

Quote and sculpture by Ellen Jewett:

9,744 Likes, 2,843 Shares, 183 Comments


Awesome hand painting art. Your favorite?

Art by Guido Daniele:

Shared by Kerry NG

8,591 Likes, 5,844 Shares, 257 Comments


Unemployed monsters. Your favorite?

Art by Bryan Lee:

8,311 Likes, 2,772 Shares, 251 Comments


What's would you draw at the end of this SERIES???

Evolution of Man by Joshua Dizon:

Shared by Julien Roméo - Jurassic Park: Origins

8,251 Likes, 4,553 Shares, 323 Comments


Who is your favorite avenger and why?

Art by Hobbitgirlintardis:

7,537 Likes, 3,063 Shares, 857 Comments