Facebook TOP TEN! - 6/17-6/23

Yoda & Hulk beat Transformers, Wolverine, Spider Tractor, Alien Queen, Predator and Cookie Monster for Most Liked Facebook pic.

Jun 24, 2012

Sometimes it IS easy being green.

Especially when 11k Facebook fans shower you with "Likes", making Yoda and Hulk's family reunion the #1 image in this week's Facebook TOP TEN.

Congrats to our friends at ILM for creating this fantastic image and please check out the rest of the week's most popular Facebook posts. You'll see giant home-made Transformers robots, Wolverine on a rampage, a Russian "Spider Tractor," the Alien Queen, a Terminator Predator & Cookie Monster as a professional wrestler. That's right, Cookie Monster as a professional wrestler.


Matt Winston


Fine. But who's his mom?

Art by ILM

11,573 Likes, 7,670 Shares, 683 Comments

What's cooler than 2 giant robots?

Metal sculpture by www.yumimodal.com

9,888 Likes, 2,654 Shares, 593 Comments

Angry Much?

Art by Pascal Ackermann

8,534 Likes, 1,786 Shares, 176 Comments

Spider Tractor!

It's great for digging up ______.

Shared by Bonz Lightyear

8,320 Likes, 1,683 Shares, 602 Comments

You've torched her eggs. And now she's got you cornered. What do you do?!

Image by the brilliant Benjamin Carré:


8,265 Likes, 2,441 Shares, 306 Comments

It's party time.

Image: "Predator at Tatooine" by highdarktemplar: http://bit.ly/Mcew1K;

Shared by Balázs Földesi

8,109 Likes, 1,636 Shares, 282 Comments

Name them all... or they'll kill you.

Art by Byron Winton:

Shared by our good friend Peter from Hell. Thanks Peter!

7,910 Likes, 3,489 Shares, 752 Comments

Arm-y Man

Why's he screaming?

Art by Anton Semenov aka Gloom82:

7,646 Likes, 2,685 Shares, 325 Comments

Don't mess with Cookie's cookies.

Who wins?

Shared by Chi Gomez

6,761 Likes, 4,230 Shares, 342 Comments

Ready... aim...

You're lost in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A Terminator Predator is bowhunting you. How will you survive?!

Metal sculpture by Kreatworks

6,608 Likes, 1,292 Shares, 247 Comments