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Facebook TOP TEN!

Facebook TOP TEN!


The Facebook TOP TEN is back!  Every week we'll be rounding up the most popular images shared and created by our Facebook community.

To catch up on the last three weeks of fan art, we're starting with the TOP TEN from 8/26-9/01, led by Pit Hammann's horrifying Zombie Teletubby art.  As Dipsy would say (if he still had a brain), "Run away! Run Away!"

Congratulations to Mr. Hammann on 20,000 likes, nearly 14,000 shares and 809 comments!


Matt Winston



They're not, in any way, for bedtime anymore.

Your stuffed teddy turns green and starts moaning in the night. WHAT DO YOU DO??

Art by Pit Hammann:

Shared by Gabriel Trance

20,437 Likes, 13,833 Shares, 809 Comments



The first man to land on the moon as commander of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, has died at 82.
(August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012)

Rest In Peace Neil Alden Armstrong!

"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

Artist unknown please help us identify him/her.

18,894 Likes, 7,079 Shares, 306 Comments



The Medieval Dark Knight -- Who's his nemesis?

A piece called "The Dark Knight" by Sławomir Wolicki. (Thanks to Viktor Podal for the info.)

Image shared by Boicho Husha

15,347 Likes, 4,197 Shares, 721 Comments



3 out of 5 dentists recommend ______________.

Art by Ed Benes:

Shared by Michal Čisár

14,342 Likes, 3,204 Shares, 695 Comments



Man's Best Friend.

Art by Bobby Chiu:

13,726 Likes, 3,763 Shares, 273 Comments




Photo by Naomi Von Kreeps:

13,086 Likes, 2,935 Shares, 498 Comments



I said SHEEN. Not BEAN.

Which goofball would you cast as a general in YOUR war movie?

Art by Rodney Pike:

Shared by Laith Faouri

12,291 Likes, 3,923 Shares, 302 Comments



What does your alter ego look like?

Art by Steve Klein:

Shared by Laith Faouri

11,533 Likes, 3,231 Shares, 313 Comments



The Avengers

Awesome speed painting (PS), watch the full process on Youtube:

Art by Christiaan Mateo Cárdenas:

10,261 Likes, 2,985 Shares, 157 Comments



Wolverine + Terminator = ____________.

Art by Edgar Tadeo:

Shared by Michal Čisár

10,067 Likes, 2,211 Shares, 471 Comments