Facebook TOP TEN! - 7/1-7/7

Sleeping T-Rex beats Stormtrooper kid, skull violin, Star Wars last supper, Predator vs Neytiri, Avengers 2 for most Liked Facebook image.

Jul 9, 2012

Sure, as T-rexes go, he's a little guy. But we're certainly not going to yank his tail and interrupt his nap. We know better.

As the old saying goes:  Let sleeping T-rexes lie... even if they're small.

And many of you (11,764 and counting) obviously love watching a snoozing T-rex anyway, which was enough to make this image the week's most "Liked" Facebook post.

Congratulations to artist Rayverak for creating the winning art and kudos to the other artists whose amazing work rounds out this week's TOP TEN.

Enjoy the art,

Matt Winston



That's one hell of a bed bug

Art by Rayverak

Shared by Stef Man

11,764 Likes, 4,027 Shares, 381 Comments


“Dad, I gotta pee!!!”

The most difficult costume to get in and out of has got to be ________________________.

Stormtroopers courtesy of The 501st Legion

Shared by Remco Eilander

11,454 Likes, 3,935 Shares, 325 Comments


The Devil's Fiddle

But when he wants to rock, he plays his ______.

5-string electric violin by Jeff Stratton:

11,435 Likes, 5,346 Shares, 366 Comments


Come to our BBQ on the 4th, Luke!!

_____________ is the LAST one I'd invite.

Illustration by www.ericdeschamps.com

Shared by the illustrative Michal Čisár

11,204 Likes, 5,711 Shares, 336 Comments


Death Trap

Do you think he knows it's coming?

Art by Highdarktemplar

Shared by Remco Eilander

10,748 Likes, 3,015 Shares, 477 Comments


The _______ go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.
(fill in the blank).

Art by Patricio Clarey

10,726 Likes, 2,712 Shares, 401 Comments


Come on baby light my FIRE!

Anybody want to know who this is?

Art by Dan Luvisi

Shared by Michal Čisár

9,836 Likes, 1,764 Shares, 608 Comments


Zombies are also afraid of _______.

Please help us identify the artist.

9,176 Likes, 7,100 Shares, 274 Comments


Iron Badass

Check out our NEW BLOG POST about the creation of Iron Man's suits HERE:

8,642 Likes, 1,226 Shares, 148 Comments


Ewok vs Yautja

Did he even have a chance?

Art by Highdarktemplar

Shared by Matthew Sisk

8,587 Likes, 1,915 Shares, 426 Comments