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Facebook TOP TEN!

Facebook TOP TEN!


Congratulations to this week's Facebook TOP TEN winner Andy Fairhurst, featuring the identities of his favorite superheroes.

With over 15k likes, 5k shares and 900 comments, we have to ask, "Andy, what's next?"

Enjoy the rest of the TOP 10 below,

Matt Winston



QUICK. Don't look at the comments until you name them!

Challenge # 2. Name the second identities of each.
Thanks for the gauntlet, Jeremy Barrett!

Art by Andy Fairhurst:

Shared by Behtin Hasan
15,503 Likes, 4,983 Shares, 866 Comments


Koopa's Revenge

How will Mario survive?!
Art by Gielczynski

Shared by Abdullah Ayub
14,338 Likes, 8,863 Shares, 470 Comments


If you could miniaturize any creature real or fictional, what would it be?

Mini dragon by artist Jan Oliehoek

Shared by Ëvil Ivo.

14,111 Likes, 4,203 Shares, 587 Comments


Which HULK did it best?

Shared by Jurassic Park: Origins

13,406 Likes, 3,921 Shares, 6,096 Comments


This won't end well.

Art by Stjepan Sejic:

Shared by our friends at Jurassic Park: Origins

13,370 Likes, 3,907 Shares, 856 Comments


The Great White (teeth)

Artist unknown. Please help us identify him/her.

13,320 Likes, 8,291 Shares, 450 Comments


It's not even October, is it too early to talk about best Halloween concept/execution ever?

What are you guys doing this year?

Bioshock "Big Daddy" and "Little Sister" costumes.

If you know who made them or wore them, let us know.

Originally shared by Christopher Fink on Google+, shared at the SWSCA by Abdullah Ayub.
12,748 Likes, 3,313 Shares, 360 Comments


___________ make drawing ANGRY.

Art by Fabrizio De Tommaso:

Shared by Behtin Hasan

12,218 Likes, 2,500 Shares, 216 Comments


"Wood" you like to own this helmet? And what should the artist carve next?

"Maori Trooper Helmet" art by Daniel Logan & friends.
More views over at the 501st:
Shared by Adan Na

12,029 Likes, 3,356 Shares, 299 Comments


World's coolest garbage can?

Shared by our friends at Things to make you laugh
11,050 Likes, 3,484 Shares, 214 Comments