Bringing Stan Lee's Superheroes to Life - The Art of Legacy Effects

Comic Book legend Stan Lee visits Hollywood Character FX studio Legacy Effects to see how his superheroes (and supervillains) come to life!

Oct 28, 2013

When it comes to iconic character creators, Stan "The Man" Lee has few rivals. His comic book superheroes (and supervillains) are household names around the globe. And with the help of the Character FX magicians at Legacy Effects, Stan Lee's characters have soared off the pages of comic books and onto movie screens worldwide.

Pictured above: Screen-used, full-size Iron Monger and Iron Man suits on display at Legacy Effects.

We recently filmed Stan's visit to Legacy, where co-founders John Rosengrant, Shane Mahan, Alan Scott, Lindsay Macgowan and the entire staff gave him a hands-on tour of the workshop, showing him step-by-step how they bring his legendary characters to life. It was an unforgettable day spent with a brilliant man and we're happy to share a glimpse of the visit in the video at the top of the page.

Pictured above: (Left) Legacy's 3D printing guru Jason Lopes explains the process to Stan. (Right) Stan with supervillain Dr. Curt Connors aka The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Pictured above: Legacy Effects co-founder John Rosengrant and FX artist Jeff Deist show Stan the casting process behind Iron Man's suit. (Right) Stan Lee gives the Legacy Effects crew an Iron Thumbs Up.

If you'd like to meet Stan Lee and the Legacy Effects crew and see their incredible creations in person, join us November 1-3 at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center (Tickets HERE). We'll be live broadcasting character creation demonstrations from the Stan Winston School booth and right next door Legacy Effects will be hosting a huge gallery of screen-used Superheroes and Supervillains from the Stan Lee and Marvel pantheon, including Iron Man suits, Iron Monger, the Destroyer from Thor and much more.

Hope to see you there,

Matt Winston

p.s. If you can't be there in person, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch the Live Broadcast during the event.

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