Facebook TOP TEN! - 6/24-6/30

Spider-Man & Alfred E. Neuman beat Bruce Lee, Predator, Batman, Stormtroopers, Beavis & Butthead and Star Wars for Most Liked Facebook image.

Jul 1, 2012


This week's TOP TEN skews a little bit low brow. With Spider-Man & Batman... ahem... toilet humor combining to create a weekly theme, as it were. Ah well, who doesn't love a good bathroom joke?

Check out the rest of the most "Liked" fan-shared images and let us know which is your favorite in the comments section below.

-Matt Winston



My Spidey Senses are _______________ .
(Fill in the blank)

Art by Ray Alma

Shared by MAndar MahAdik

13,681 Likes, 6,710 Shares, 474 Comments

Shared by MAndar MahAdik



Bruce Lee vs. Predator. Who wins?

And how much to watch the fight?!

Diorama by Dre Merc on flickr using Hot Toys DX Bruce Lee and Hot Toys Classic Predator.

Shared by Julien Roméo.
13,359 Likes, 5,165 Shares, 1,731 Comments



You MAY want to wear a respirator when trying this at home.

Is this Marvel or DC Spidey?? Amazing??

Will the artist please step forward? Shared by Mark Osr

11,996 Likes, 13,639 Shares, 553 Comments




Which superhero is most likely to get caught with his pants down?

GTpix/3D Concept Boiler Room September 2008


11,080 Likes, 5,658 Shares, 437 Comments



Yo, Dawg, I heard you like drawing you drawing you drawing.

Will he ever reach the END?

Władysław Bartoszewski - Photo by Sach Hybryd sent by Ryan Pennell - Shared by Laith Faouri

10,952 Likes, 2,720 Shares, 189 Comments 



A Dogs Life

Stormtroopers weekend vehicle is ___________________.

Art by (artist unknown please help us identify him/her).

Shared by Martin Berg

10,930 Likes, 6,029 Shares, 348 Comments 



Fending off the monsters under the bed. Now that's loyalty.

The most loyal creature/character is ___________________.

Art by *begemott: http://begemott.deviantart.com/art/sweet-halloween-dreams-42197587

Shared by Julien Roméo

10,201 Likes, 5,932 Shares, 254 Comments 



'Shut up, Dumbass. Hhhhhhhuuuhhhhuhhhuehhhhehe.'

But the DUMBEST dudes ever are ___________.

By Kevin Kirkpatrick (hairwork by Nicole Michaud; mold making thanks to Jason James)

8,412 Likes, 4,000 Shares, 470 Comments



The Black Knight

Do you wish you could SCULPT like this?

Art by Don Lanning

7,586 Likes, 1,069 Shares, 279 Comments



Say 'Cantina'!

Who is MISSING from this portrait?!

Art by Terry Fan - Shared by our own Balázs Földesi

7,555 Likes, 2,898 Shares, 301 Comments