Facebook Top Ten 7/15-7/21

Recycled horses beat Superheroes, Alien vs Predator, Hulk, Yoda Origami and Dark Knight street art for most "liked" Facebook post of the week.

Jul 24, 2012


We're speechless.  Move over Hulk, Yoda, Aliens and Predator.  This week we're crowning two new kings of the Facebook hill.  Namely, two horses made out of recycled objects.

We've been featuring monsters, creatures and comic book characters on our page for over 2 years. But all along, we should have been posting images of horses.  Ah well, live and learn.  Congratulations, Sayaka!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the Facebook Top Ten,

Matt Winston

PS - We're seriously considering changing the name of our school to the Stan Winston School of Horse Art. What do you think?



Always, ALWAYS recycle.

Art by Sayaka Kajita Ganz: http://beautifuldecay.com/2010/03/03/sayaka-kajita-ganz/

Shared by Laith Faouri  

29,381 Likes, 8,710 Shares, 579 Comments


The times they are a-changin'.   Who's your favorite?!

Shared by Julien Roméo: Jurassic Park: Origins

25,821 Likes, 14,415 Shares, 2,975 Comments


They're heeeeeere...   If Hell demons crawled out of a hole in the ground, I'd most likely _______.

LOCUST Art by Kurt Wenner for "Gears of War" at E3 2006

Shared by Ye Yo Ye   

20,486 Likes, 7,436 Shares, 830 Comments


AVP, the game continues....who wins this time?   We've all seen the much loved chess match, but when it comes to the pool table, perhaps now the Xenomorph has the upper hand? Is it fair to use its tail as a bridge?

Art by Andre McGrail as part of an ad campaign for Sky Digital New Zealand through DDB New Zealand. Credits as follows: Predator - Benjamin Parry, Modelled in Modo, detailed and textured in ZBrush Alien - Andre McGrail Modelled detailed and textured in Modo Compositing - David Partridge, using Modo and Photoshop Retouching - Andy Salisbury using Photoshop Art Director - Gavin Siakimotu  

15,821 Likes, 7,963 Shares, 396 Comments


Break the law and he'll go medieval on your ass.   Who's going to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?!!

Art by John Aslarona (I Like John)

14,117 Likes, 3,505 Shares, 331 Comments


HULK SPLASH!!!!!!   What makes YOU angry?

Shared by Yelcom Salazar

Artist unknown, please help us identify him/her!!

13,171 Likes, 9,417 Shares, 635 Comments


Ouch. What's a good nickname for the bull?

Art by Chen Wenling: www.chenwenling.com

12,668 Likes, 4,973 Shares, 940 Comments


Iron Bat

Art by EyeofSauron: http://tinyurl.com/7gpvqea

Shared by Stef Man

12,445 Likes, 4,492 Shares, 529 Comments


Yodagami. His greatest enemy is _____.

Art by Fumiaki Kawahata: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5B71d1OR_M&feature=relmfu

Shared by Jordan Clark

12,290 Likes, 4,832 Shares, 404 Comments


The best way to eat an ALIEN is?

Art by Dave Brohman for a Cracked.com photoplasty contest.

12,026 Likes, 5,494 Shares, 358 Comments