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PREDATOR 2 - New Weapons for a new Predator.

For Predator 2, Stan Winston Studio created new Predator weaponry. Sophisticated & deadly, but tribal in appearance.

Jun 12, 2012

PREDATOR 2 - More Weapons

What makes Predator different from the standard movie monster is his mastery of WEAPONS. Tribal though his garb and culture may be, he possesses a sophisticated arsenal of weaponry designed to hunt you down and kill you in a variety of ways: plasma cannon, wrist blades, net launcher, remote detonator. Just to name a few.

The PREDATOR Team takes on PREDATOR 2

When Stan Winston Studio began work on PREDATOR 2, the urban jungle follow-up to the iconic original, Stan and his crew were tasked with bringing back many of the familiar elements they'd created for the original film: Predator's ornate tribal appearance, his bio mask with infrared vision and his articulated mandibles.


But director Stephen Hopkins had a few ideas for making this new predator different from the first. For one, in order to fit with the more colorful urban setting of the sequel, he wanted a more colorful Predator. His second change was simple: more weapons.

Pictured above: Predator 2 weapons cache at Stan Winston Studio: Wrist Gauntlets and Discs.


Stan and his team were more than happy to oblige and set about designing a variety of new killing implements, staying mindful of the approach they had taken in the first film: Predator's weapons were sophisticated & deadly, but they were tribal in appearance. Old meets new. So, Winston had his artists riff on more traditional weaponry: spears, knives and blades. 

Two of those weapons, both designed and created by Stan Winston Studio for PREDATOR 2, are the "Combi-Stick" and "The Disc" aka "The Smart Disc."

Below you'll find behind-the-scenes images from Stan Winston Studio (and a bit of trivia) about both weapons. For to understand the tools of Predator culture is to understand Predators a little better.

-Matt Winston


Pictured above: Stan Winston Studio concept designer Mark "Crash" McCreery’s sketches, illustrating how to grip the Predator fighting disc aka "The Disc"

USE: The fighting disc aka "The DISC" is a multi-purpose killing implement which can either be thrown at prey like a boomerang or gripped and used as a slashing melee weapon.

Pictured above: Hero "Disc" from Predator 2. Stan Winston Studio built multiple fighting disks, from hero versions that opened and lit up, to simpler stunt versions

MENTAL CONTROL IN FLIGHT: "The Disc' is mentally controlled by the "Disc Master" Predator who throws it. The disc's razor sharpness allows it to maintain flight even after slicing through a foe, allowing it to dispatch multiple enemies with one throw.



Pictured above: Stan Winston Studio Concept Designer Mark "Crash" McCreery’s detailed concept design for the Predator’s telescoping spear aka "Combi-Stick"

PRIZED POSSESSION: The Combi-Stick is perhaps the most important weapon for any Predator as it is only bestowed after all training is finished and the Yautja is blessed to go on their first hunt. Predators use their combi-sticks not only as deadly weaponry, but as a memorial staff, decorating it with skulls, symbols & mementos from a lifetime of hunting. More than any other weapon in the Predator arsenal, the "combi-stick" is truly a part of each Predator that possesses one.

Pictured above: Hero Predator spear. SWS built several variations of the spear — hero, stunt and telescoping.

TRIVIA: The combi-stick prop used in Predator 2 went missing after production of the film. It's whereabouts are unknown.

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