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Popeye defeats Alien and The Avengers, Vader, Stay Puft, Batman, Zombie for most "liked" Facebook post.

Dec 2, 2012

I fights to the finichk, 'cause I eats mee brown rice?

Congratulations to this week's Facebook TOP TEN winner, featuring Popeye!

Winning with over 17k likes, 7k shares and 650 comments.

Enjoy the rest of the TOP 10 below,

Matt Winston


I fights to the finichk, 'cause I eats mee ___________.

a. brown rice
b. whey protein shakes
c. Spinichk

Art by Lee Romao:

Shared by Fejsbuk

17,609 Likes, 7,042 Shares, 656 Comments


Are you ready for Halloween? And how are you spending it?

Shared by our good friend Julien Roméo: Jurassic Park: Origins

10,948 Likes, 3,374 Shares, 170 Comments


If you could join any superhero (or supervillain) team, which one would it be?

Art by Gerald Parel: http://geraldparel.com/

Shared by our friends at Wallpapers and Artworks

9,445 Likes, 1,430 Shares, 551 Comments


Does Force Choke work on Aliens?

Art by Robert Shane:

7,900 Likes, 2,346 Shares, 327 Comments


Mmmmm, delicious Stay Puft goodness.

Art by: SirCreate:

Shared by: Winston Wonsang

7,764 Likes, 5,273 Shares, 141 Comments


“Lets not be the joke of the universe. Make Earth Proud.”

Advertising Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Directors: Andrew Whitehouse, Justin Gomes
Creative Directors: Andrew Whitehouse, Justin Gomes
Art Directors: Ryan Barkhuizen, Clement Langlais, Andrew Whitehouse
Copywriters: Justin Osburn, Clement Langlais
Illustrators: Ryan Barkhuizen, Clement Langlais, Andrew Whitehouse, David Whitehouse (Nine Degrees)


7,633 Likes, 3,529 Shares, 147 Comments


Why so CLOSE?

Captions please.

Shared by Gianfranco Gallo Digital Imaging and Photo Manipulation

7,588 Likes, 981 Shares, 332 Comments


If this is his Rook, what do you suppose the Queen looks like?

Featured art, "The Rook" by Nate Simpson. See a preview of Nick's exciting first comic NONPLAYER here: www.nonplayercomic.com

Shared by Wallpapers and Artworks

7,469 Likes, 1,006 Shares, 146 Comments


Queen takes Bishop

Art by Nir Ainbinder:

7,189 Likes, 1,905 Shares, 114 Comments


Thanks to our friends at Boodapug for sharing and Lego Zombie Outbreak for finding this.

6,621 Likes, 2,991 Shares, 127 Comments