The Monster Drawing Series: Basic Character Drawing

Learn Basic Character Drawing & Monster Design Techniques from Fine Artist and Character Creator, David Fandino

May 4, 2012

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a whole bunch of cool monster ideas just stirring around in your head.  You know that these monsters will shock the world.  They could be something to rival a Predator, the Alien Queen, or even Pumpkinhead.  But how do you get those creatures out of your mind and into reality?  You have to start at the beginning... with a drawing.  That’s where the Monster Drawing Series:  Basic Drawing Techniques training video comes into play.

Sometimes we forget about how important starting from the beginning is.  It seems to be part of our human nature to get ahead of ourselves.  We’re tempted to “skip ahead” to the end without taking the important time to focus on the foundation.  But you need to think carefully about that…

Think about the artists who created the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.  We all loved the final product, and felt complete exhilaration at seeing the T-Rex stomp through the jungle.  But don’t forget… it all started with a drawing.  A drawing was the original blueprint.  A drawing was the foundation.

We at Stan Winston School know that the secret of success lies in fully learning and following each and every step in any process, right from the beginning.  The more of a foundation you build, the better you will be.  And for those interested in drawing creatures, the Monster Drawing Series: Basic Drawing Techniques video provides that exact foundation you need.

Whether you’ve never drawn anything beyond a stick figure, or are an accomplished artist who simply could use a refresher, everyone could benefit from watching this lesson.  Follow along with renowned artist Davis Fandino as he guides you through the starting basics to the finishing touches of drawing three-dimensional creatures on the two-dimensional surface.

Use this launching pad to finally let those monsters out of your head and release them on to the page.  We’re always waiting for the next great creation.