Facebook TOP TEN! - 7/8-7/14

Lizard mohawk beats Spiderman vs. Venom, Stormtrooper and son, Alien guitar, AT-AT Combi, Iron Man XBOX, Voorhees for most Liked Facebook image.

Jul 16, 2012

Sometimes it's all about the haircut. 

You posted TONS of monster and creature imagery on our wall last week, but something about this creative mohawk set engagement records on our Facebook page, garnering nearly 20,000 likes and 15,000 shares!!

A big congrats to the entire team responsible for the image:

Client: Bench FIX Salon
Agency: TBWA
Executive Creative Directors: Melvin M. Mangada, Marci Reyes
Creative Director: Marci Reyes
Associate Creative Director: Ali Silao
Art Director: Ronald Carlo Banares
Copywriter: Marci Reyes
Print Producer: Dennis Carlos
Digital Imaging: Romar Quiroz
Photographer: Jay Tablante
Make-up Artist: Jen Delica
Hair Stylist: Mark Anthony Sumaray

The rest of the week's TOP TEN images are just as cool. So scroll down and enjoy.

-Matt Winston



Question: What's a Mohawk's favorite prey?
Answer: The Molizard

Image from an ad for Bench FiX Salon. See details here:

Shared by Laith Faouri

19,467 Likes, 14,957 Shares, 811 Comments



Any final thoughts?

Art by Patricio Clarey

16,883 Likes, 4,139 Shares, 381 Comments



Art by Kristina Alexanderson: http://kral.se

Shared by Stef Man

16,595 Likes, 9,221 Shares, 716 Comments


Aliens rock.

Alien guitar carved by Gig Goldstein

16,556 Likes, 8,573 Shares, 463 Comments



Who wants one?

Shared by Julien Roméo: Jurassic Park: Origins

Please help us identify the artist!

15,406 Likes, 7,914 Shares, 434 Comments



Who wants one?

Iron Xbox 360 by Zachariah Perry Cruse:

15,312 Likes, 4,489 Shares, 633 Comments


What's your birthday wish for Jason?

Art by Doryan Algarra:

14,222 Likes, 12,633 Shares, 259 Comments



The _______ go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.
(fill in the blank).

Art by Patricio Clarey:

14,153 Likes, 3,751 Shares, 499 Comments


Beware, Luke. It may be a trap.

__________ night at the Empire Club.

Art by the SuicideGirls
Model: Voodou Suicide
Photographer: Cherry


Shared by Michal Čisár

13,134 Likes, 7,042 Shares, 604 Comments


Iron Monster

Art by Retrovenus Miravis

12,349 Likes, 2,556 Shares, 421 Comments