Facebook TOP TEN!

Superhero construction workers defeat Superman, Batman, Bane, Venom, Joker, Mickey Mouse, The Ring & Teletubbies for most "liked" Facebook post.

Sep 30, 2012


It's week two of our newly relaunched Facebook TOP TEN, featuring the most popular posts from our FB Wall for the week of 9/2-9/9. And a bunch of Marvel & DC superheroes taking a sky high lunch break took the #1 spot. 

Congratulations to Dan Avenell (http://www.danavenell.com/breakfast-of-champions/) on creating the winning image, with nearly 20k likes, 7k shares and 904 comments. 

And credit goes to photographer Charles C. Ebbets for the iconic “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” image upon which this is based.

Enjoy the rest of the TOP 10 below,

Matt Winston



What are these DC & Marvel heroes building?

Art by Dan Avenell (thanks Howard Holmes). See more here: http://www.danavenell.com/breakfast-of-champions/

Shared by the very discerning Matthew Louis Wright.

19,070 Likes, 6,718 Shares, 904 Comments


Captions please.

Shared by Mark Osr

14,630 Likes, 4,491 Shares, 1,209 Comments


Venom girl

Who's the most dangerous fantasy female?

Face paint by Sara Poskonka:

Shared by Video Games and other shit
13,892 Likes, 3,332 Shares, 353 Comments


Why so stoked?

'Dude. I full-on Ollied a kick-flip over the Caped Crusader. He's lucky I didn't ________ his _______.'

Shared by Juanca Gutierrez
13,449 Likes, 5,181 Shares, 355 Comments


The Iron Dark Knight

Name the best weapon developed from this new suit design.

IDK by TB-PROduction: http://tb-production.exteen.com/

Shared by Topby Korcharoenpanich

13,362 Likes, 3,778 Shares, 399 Comments


The Queen allows the guards to get their haircut in the summer because of the heat in London.
This was designed for EuroStar,
It's title is: Eurostar: The barber;
Tagline “It’s summer time in London”.

Advertising Agency: Leg, Paris, France
Creative Director: Gabriel Gaultier
Art Director: Clement Langlais
Copywriter: Clemence Cousteau
Photographer: Thomas paquet
Account Director: Alain Caze
Published: July 2007

(Thanks for the help Michael Knight!)

13,326 Likes, 10,060 Shares, 414 Comments


Welcome to Hell! Captions please!
Art by Sergey Lesiuk:

Shared by Remco Eilander

13,031 Likes, 2,390 Shares, 498 Comments


Rest In Peace Mickey Mouse!

Artist unknown please help us identify him/her.

12,977 Likes, 8,445 Shares, 346 Comments


Time for Tubby bye-bye!

Alternate captions welcome

Art by Juraj Dudovic:

12,000 Likes, 5,850 Shares, 245 Comments


Avengers Babies. Your favorite?

Art by Gurihiru:

11,951 Likes, 4,534 Shares, 458 Comments