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Facebook TOP TEN! - 8/5-8/11

Facebook TOP TEN! - 8/5-8/11


Sometimes all it takes is an artfully presented ketchup packet to take the "most liked" crown over the countless robots, aliens, monsters & superheroes that fill our Wall every week.

Our Facebook community loved this macabre image, giving it 28,000 likes, 15,000 shares and nearly 1,000 comments.

We only wish Ketchup Man was still here to enjoy it.

Enjoy the rest of the Top Ten below,



Why'd he do it?

Pic found at The Gory Hole

28,312 Likes, 15,571 Shares, 907 Comments


That explains it.

Do YOU think the Mars rover will find signs of life?

Shared by Juanca Gutierrez

23,725 Likes, 16,829 Shares, 911 Comments


Game of life. Who will win this poker game?

Art by Huzheng:

Tools: 3dsmax, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Mudbox, Vary

18,990 Likes, 9,439 Shares, 708 Comments


Run! Get to the chopper!

Man's best ___________.

Shared by Petr Číhal

17,003 Likes, 4,970 Shares, 785 Comments


When you don't see it coming does it still hurt?

Art by Andy Fairhurst

15,588 Likes, 3,921 Shares, 341 Comments


Hell on Wheels -- Who wants one?

Ghost Rider "Hell Cycle" pic shared by Claudio Emanuel

14,456 Likes, 4,807 Shares, 498 Comments


Snake Cake -- Would YOU take a bite?

Shared by Julien Romeo: Jurassic Park: Origins
14,022 Likes, 9,955 Shares, 1,268 Comments


PredaThor -- The God of ____.

Shared by Juanca Gutierrez

13,596 Likes, 5,503 Shares, 435 Comments


tiny lady. GIANT ROBOT.

Junkyard Optimus Prime by
13,436 Likes, 3,978 Shares, 466 Comments


Spinach? Or ANGER??
Which one WINS???

Art by Kasım Gündoğan:

Shared by SrinivasTadela

12,765 Likes, 4,592 Shares, 962 Comments