JOHN ROSENGRANT - Our First Featured Artist

Greetings from Stan Winston Studio "Lifer" and Co-Founder of Legacy Effects, John Rosengrant

Sep 29, 2011

Greetings to all! I consider myself to be a very fortunate guy to have met up with Stan Winston back in the early 80’s. This was an amazing era when Sci- Fi, Fantasy, and Horror films were beginning to break new ground with cutting edge Special Effects and were no longer considered only as low budget films, but huge Studio tent pole movies…the likes of all the Terminator’s and Jurassic Park’s amongst many, many others.

Having worked for Stan for 25 years, my education in the craft of Special Effects Make-up and Animatronics (and as Stan always stressed what we really do is” create iconic characters”) came first hand from the Master himself. Stan had an amazing way of nurturing all of us young artists and craftsmen – allowing us to grow not only as artists, guiding us in perfecting and developing the various techniques that are still industry standards today, but also understanding that what we were doing was part of the overall film making process, not just effects. 

Stan was such an amazing person - an artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Stan was a smart, passionate, funny and a generous person. I am so proud to call him my mentor.

For me and I’m sure the other artists who were part of the big family of the Stan Winston Studio, the idea of passing on your knowledge to others who are enthusiastic about their craft is exactly what Stan did for us and in return what we hope to do for all of you. I wish too that along this educational journey that you're all embarking upon, you'll also get to learn a little more about Stan Winston the man, whose magic we all knew and loved.

John Rosengrant

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