Facebook TOP TEN! - 5/20-5/26

Hulk vs. Wolverine beats Darth Vader, Iron Man, Donald Duck, Alien Pez, Batman, Spider Robot, Winnie the Hellraiser and Star Wars rock band

May 27, 2012


This week's most "Liked" image from our Facebook page sparked MASSIVE debate. Could Hulk really kill Wolverine? What do YOU think?

And check out the rest of this week's TOP TEN. You'll see Darth Vader rocking, an Iron Man/Green Lantern hybrid hero, Donald Duck as Freddy Krueger, an Alien Pez dispenser, Heavy weight Batman, a giant walking Spider Robot, Winnie the Hellraiser, and Star Wars Rocks!

-Matt Winston


So. Who's stupid NOW, 'Bub'? 

In a battle to the death, I'd LOVE to see ______ defeat _____!

Art by Jel: http://jel.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=hulk#/d1zz2oo, Shared by Bonz Lightyear
7,066 Likes, 2,893 Shares, 1,146 Comments



"You don't know the power of the Rock Side."

Darth Vader has decided to pursue his rock dreams. What famous band should he join?

Art by Brandon Jennings, Shared by Jon Carnesi

6,198 Likes, 3,714 Shares, 464 Comments



Iron Lantern: Just a little reminder to "Go Green"

Art by Isaac Evans
5,727 Likes, 1,371 Shares, 431 Comments



Do you know Hulk's secret?

Art by Dale Keown http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Keown, Shared by Matt Smith

5,364 Likes, 945 Shares, 270 Comments



'I'll quack you slow.'

Who would you least expect to haunt your dreams?

Please help us identify the artist!, Shared by Matthew Louis Wright
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Is this the breakfast of champions or what?

Designed by Peter "Rat D" Davidson, Shared by Balázs Földesi

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Taking 'pimp my ride' to another level.

It's midnight. Your diamond heist gets interrupted by THIS guy. Who do you call for backup?

Art by Koray Kocaturk: http://koraykocaturk.cgsociety.org/gallery/956372/, Shared by Michal Čisár
5,185 Likes, 1,201 Shares, 360 Comments




50' Mechanical Spider walks down the Streets of Liverpool.

What creature do you covet most?

"La Princesse" is a 50' animatronic spider designed by François Delarozière part of the French performance art company, La Machine.
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Winnie the Hellraiser

Which of your favorite childhood characters could turn cold-blooded killer?

Art by Picasso Dular aka 25footPhantom: http://twitter.com/25footPhantom/status/154705417296035840/photo/1/large

Shared by Dmitry Harkonnen

4,475 Likes, 2,838 Shares, 313 Comments



Shredding. Empire style.

Who would you choose to replace the Wookie?

Art by Hugh Fleming: http://dayofthejedi.com/2008/09/14/star-wars-rocks-the-art-of-hugh-fleming/, Shared by Stef Man

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