Animatronic Wall of Books "Reads" Library Visitors

Giant, interactive "Book Hive" by robotics artists Rusty Squid greets visitors to England's Bristol Central library.

Jan 2, 2014

Bringing Books to Life, Literally

To celebrate its 400th year, England's Bristol Central library is bringing books to life. For the next 3 months, visitors will be greeted by a giant wall of living, interactive books created by Bristol’s award-winning creative robotics collective Rusty Squid.

Click the video above to watch Black Cat films' "Book Hive" Trailer

Books That Read You

Dubbed Book Hive, the ground-breaking animatronic installation uses "a combination of depth cameras and standard cameras to define different zones of interaction and trigger different responses, " according to Rusty Squid team member, Sebastien Valade. In this way, the books sense how they are being engaged with and respond in real time.  Book Hive will grow and evolve until 400 books are finally integrated into the sculpture by February 2014, one for each year of library history.

The Message?

Is simple: books can move you. Read them.

-Matt Winston

For more on the "Book Hive" project, click the video below.


Bristol Central Library Information

Bristol Libraries are asking people to donate books to become part of the sculpture.  Staff at the Central Library will be delighted to accept hardback books between 180mm and 250mm high and 110m and 160mm deep for possible inclusion in the artwork.